As an artist that began her career in the digital age, Willow has responded well to the Digital era. She uses social media as a middle man between her and her fans.

She’s had a Twitter and Facebook account which she uses to inform fans about upcoming events and shows, new album releases and sound cloud for fans to have a preview of songs she’s working on.

The main trend in the acting industry is to model for some top designer or be the face of a campaign. Which Willow was able to do before she turned sixteen. She has modelled for high-class designers like Chanel and Marc Jacobs.

Although her competitors are all artists around her age range, for example, China Anne McClain and people tend to compare their voices on YouTube.

But if the 3.7 million followers to China’s 1.5 million doesn’t put the Willow brand above that of the competitors. The fact that she has the support of her fellow indigos, those that like her fashion style, The Orgonite and the fans her movies, songs, love for art, and influential blockbuster family.

According to Jan Yordy, “Indigo children is the name given to the new type of human being born in this generation. Displaying amazing feats of intuition and intelligence beyond their years, these indigos has begun more of a common concept within our lexicon.”

She generates customer feedbacks through album sales, Tweets, and Twitter Direct Messages, and Youtube and Soundcloud views and comments.

Her latest album which was released in December 2015, called Ardipithecus was released through a record label called Interscope Records. The genre of the album is Neo Soul, Alternative R&B or Experimental Pop.

For an artist at such a young age to be generating this much media coverage, It’s obviously she’ll be the Headline when she’s older and has become a more successful actress, model and artist.

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Cindy Ubah.