Fireball was Willows first Commercial failure, it was shocking how the catchy tune didn’t catch the attention of the public as all her previous hits had. Maybe her fans preferred her singing alone or may be her reign as baby-Rihanna was over. Either way, it didn’t reach the expectations of Roc Nation, it failed to chart any music chart except the US R&B chart, which it charted at 121.

Soon after that fail her producer announced that they were almost done working on her new debut album and it would be out soon. The album which was later announced to be called knees and elbows was to be released by April 2016, then postponed further but up until today it hasn’t been release even though a preview of it was released on YouTube. Rumour has it that the album was probably scraped maybe there was really no album to begin with or Willow style evolved since the creation of the album or she had better songs to release.

However, by Labor day, 2012 she released  a music video for Do it like me (Rockstar) which she claimed was her first video ever. The song wasn’t like any of Willows former songs in the sense that it didn’t have a theme, it was basically Willow walking, dancing and singing in various places.

Willow later released another song that year called I am me on the second of July. And then released the video at the BET awards. The video featured the little Willow explaining that she’s free and she doesn’t care if you don’t like the way she looks or dresses. She said, “I’m me, … I’m free, you can’t stop me, … and that’s all I can be” and to the haters she said, “People don’t like the way I dress, or where I am at, … I dye my hair and it’s not just vanity, … Your validation is not just that important to me”. This was the first Willow song that wasn’t an upbeat dance song.

Cindy Ubah.