It isn’t a shock that the offspring of a Blockbuster couple like Will and Jada Pinkett Smith has a net worth of $9,000,000 which totals as approximately £6,000,000. Yes, her parents are rich but most of her net worth was generated by her.

As an actress,Willow gets paid through sponsorship, ads, endorsements, featuring etc. According to net worth tomb (2014), her yearly income is estimated to be around $1,058,824 and $235,294 is generated yearly from sponsorship and / or endorsements.

In 2011 to 2012 she earned $572,337, 2012 to 2013 she earned $705,882, 2013 to 2014 she earned $920,716 and 2014 to 2015 she earned $1,058,824. She is expected to earn $1,217,647 from 2015 to 2016.

Some of her yearly income was generated payment from her acting gigs like  True Jackson, VP (2011) $349,650, Merry Madagascar (2009) $284,091, Kit Kittredge (2008) $138,581, Madagascar: escape 2 Africa (2008) $216,450, I am Legend (2007) $126,263, and Madagascar (2005) $162,338.

Some of her net worth was also generated from her two albums: 3 which she released in 2014 and Ardipithecus which she released last year December. From both albums, Willow earned $1,277,373.


According to net worth tomb (2014), it would take an average person Forty-four years of work to have earned up to her current income. Even with that the chances that the hypothetical person would save every dime earned and have that amount in some tangible form is slim to none.

Her net worth has supposedly risen from $5,142,857 in 2012 to $9,000,000 in 2015. This is without including the money she would get as a trust fund from her super rich parents or the money generated from her modeling contracts.

Her father, Will was worth $188 million in 2004, which has grown to $240 million in 2015. The 2005 Guinness World Record holder for attending 3 premieres in a 24-hour time span and his wife Jada took their time to develop the careers of their children. Getting them to audition for movies and helping them get signed to top record labels like Roc Nation and Columbia Records.

Cindy Ubah.