On the 22nd of January 2011, Willow released a 16-second preview of her second song 21st-century girl on her Facebook page. Most people thought that after success rate of whip my hair, Willow would end up as a one hit wonder, after all, Whip my hair was tough to compete with.

The song was also an upbeat dance song like the first. It was produced by Swedish producer Joacim Bo Persson  A.K.A Twin who produced the song Determinate for the Disney Movie Lemonade Mouth. 

Although the song wasn’t as big a hit as the first, she debuted the full song by performing it on The Oprah Winfrey Show on the World’s Most Talent Kids on February 28th that year.


The song was also performed at the 2011 Kids Choice Awards’, She also performed it for US president Obama and family at the White House annual Easter egg hunt, a dream many artists triple her age were yet to achieve.The almost 10-year-old was really going places. It was also performed along with whip my hair on the Justin Bieber UK tour, 2011.

The video which was released on March 7th, 2011 began with the currently 91-year-old The Help actress, Cicely Tyson playing a nomadic woman who made some sort of shrine from materials she foraged in the desert, which Willow was pulled out from.

The video later included Willow and friends pulling an entire city out of the desert.

Fans were still waiting eagerly for the album they were promised and instead she released another dance hit called Fireball, featuring Nicki Minaj which was a song that screams confidence. According to the song’s lyrics, “I’m the fireball of the party” wasn’t actually the fire of her party because of the three songs it had the least views on YouTube.

Like her last videos she first premiered the video directed by Hype William the director of Massive Attack and Stupid Hoe on a popular show 106 & Park.

Cindy Ubah.