Like most celebrities, Willow is very engaged on social media but the three she’s most engaged on are Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. But unlike her Instagram and Twitter, Willow’s Facebook, Willow Smith @OfficialWillow is a Fan and promotion site so it mostly informs her fans about New songs, changes, and upcoming shows.

She’s a vivid Instagram user, with a very artsy Instagram page, her Instagram name which was previous Gweelos has recently changed to ≠The Pouty Princess ≠ has over 1.3 million followers while she follows Three hundred and three people. She started her first picture  on Instagram being on July 2014 indicates her account if she had one before then was dormant for a while.

On Instagram she posts her own form of art through pictures she took herself, from high-class photo shoots, drawings and doodles she made herself and artistic drawings from fans of different artistic levels.

She also showcases pictures of scenes from her favourite TV shows like Adventure Time and Gravity Falls. Willow also used her Instagram as a platform she uses to post thought provoking pictures like the post on Female Objectification at its worst as well as videos of her working on new songs at the studio.

Her Twitter account, which was created at the start of her career in September, 2010,Willy @OfficialWillow which has over 3.7 million followers while Willow follows 15.5 thousand people at the moment. Her twitter showcases the things she believes in like her psychological and moral beliefs. For example: “Zoos should be Illegal”, Smith (2015), “It’s become a trendy thing to disrespect women…”, Smith (2015) or “Society has been built on the control of female sexuality. Thriving purely of our degradation and suppression”, Smith (2015).


Her tweets also display her spiritual orientation. For example: “Love is the only thing we can perceive that transcends all dimensions”, Smith (2014) or “It’s not about lifting everyone. It’s about giving people the freedom to realise their inner light and lifting themselves.” Smith (2014).

She uses social media as a means to communicate with fans who are mostly indigos like her.

Cindy Ubah.